Communication is not always easy, especially when it comes to our health needs. It can be frustrating to feel like we are not understanding our medical provider or like they are not understanding us. In the next Our Health, Our Voices workshop for people living with HIV/AIDS, we will help you to identify your own communication style, improve your communication skills, and prepare for your medical visits with confidence. You will also hear from other people living with HIV about how they addressed and overcame their challenges in patient-provider communication.

Please join Valleywise Health and partnering Arizona HIV service agencies on Monday, February 22, 2021, at 3 PM for Our Health, Our Voices: Improving Patient-Provider Communication (featuring HIV 101 Pre-Workshop).

Understanding the terms used in our HIV/AIDS care is important to being able to communicate. We will have a special HIV 101 Pre-Workshop to review important terms such as viral load, CD4 cells, U=U, and more, so that you and your provider are speaking the same language when it comes to your health. When you register for Our Health, Our Voices: Improving Patient-Provider Communication, you will also be sent the link for HIV 101. This pre-workshop will begin at 2 PM, an hour before the communication workshop starts at 3.

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