Hear from patients whose lives have been upended by injury or sickness and repaired by the compassionate and expert care teams at Valleywise Health.

At Valleywise Health, we are united by a drive and passion to heal, to transform our patients’ lives and to instill hope. We want our patients to leave stronger, healthier and more resilient than when they came in, in body, mind and spirit. These stories celebrate the astounding strength of our patients and the collaborative nature of the healing process. To learn more about what calls us to serve the mission of Valleywise Health, watch the videos below and experience the transformative power of the healing through compassion medical science.

Explore the Power of Healing

As Arizona’s only nationally verified burn center, thousands of patients each year trust us to provide the specialized, outstanding care they need to begin their recovery. This video explores the trauma that severe burns can cause, both physically and mentally, as well as the road to recovery and the impactful, holistic care that the nationally-recognized Arizona Burn Center provides to our patients at Valleywise Health. Hear from patients whose lives have been upended by burns and restored by their care team, with the support of loved ones and through their own resilience.

Valleywise Health treat thousands of adult and pediatric burn patients each year. Learn more about the Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise Health.

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If you are inspired by the stories of these patients and the level of excellence and compassion in the care they received, consider making Valleywise Health your home for health.