From the first time you call us to the moment you walk out our doors, we want to guide you every step of the way to make sure your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re visiting a new doctor, seeing a specialist or preparing for a hospital stay, we recommend arriving a little early and coming prepared with some important information. This will help our staff get to know you and understand how we can best provide you with the best care.

Here are some things to bring with you:

  • Insurance card
  • Social security number and employer information (if applicable)
  • Immunization record
  • Medical records the doctor has requested, such as X-rays or lab results
  • Changes in your medications or prescriptions
  • Payment for your co-pay
  • Any personal care instructions you have set up (e.g. advance directive, living will and power of attorney)

If you are seeing a specialist or coming for a follow-up appointment, please also bring the following items:

  • The name and telephone number of the doctor or health plan referring you
  • Referral paperwork (if your doctor provided any)
  • Results to any test that needed to be completed prior to your visit with the specialist
  • Any other forms you have been asked to complete and bring to your doctor
  • List of questions you might have for your doctor
  • Paperwork that needs to be completed by your doctor (e.g. return to work/school or excuse for appointment)

If you’re planning to stay in the hospital overnight or longer, make sure you bring the name and telephone number of your family physician or any one else involved in your care.