Health Education Alliance

The most empowering and influential healthcare providers are lifelong learners, and that learning starts with excellent educational programs that promote curiosity, diversity and firsthand experience. That’s why our graduate medical education program merged with the programs of Creighton University and Saint Joseph’s Medical Center to form the Creighton University-Arizona Health Education Alliance. This alliance’s primary mission is to offer programs that are at the forefront of advanced medical education and research and the training of new generations of physicians to improve the health of our community, state and nation.

Why Choose Valleywise Health?

Education, Experience, and Expertise

If you’re a medical graduate student looking for a quality program, we invite you to explore what our alliance has to offer. When you’re accepted into one of our medical education programs, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with physicians who are committed to exceeding ordinary expectations. Our residents and fellows represent the top graduates of some of the finest medical schools across the country – and we can’t wait to call you one of them.

The Creighton University-Arizona Health Education Alliance will immerse you into a system and culture dedicated to providing high-quality health care to the community while helping you focus on academics, research and resident training.

Our diverse patient population will expose you to challenging and rewarding real-world opportunities for learning – opportunities you would be far less likely to encounter in other systems. Ours is the type of environment that will give you the opportunity to make various medical diagnoses and determine appropriate treatments. You’ll also have numerous research opportunities as an excellent complement to your training. So, no matter what your long-term career goals are, you can trust that we’ll help you grow toward them.

State-Renowned Training and Patient Care

Valleywise Health is widely recognized for training many area physicians across the Phoenix metro.  We are the area’s only public teaching health system, and we offer graduate medical education residencies in internal medicine, general surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, emergency medicine, and more.  As a county hospital, we have been providing medical residents a great place to learn real medicine for over 70 years in Arizona.

Life in the Phoenix Valley

Valleywise Health is located in Phoenix, Arizona near the Roosevelt Historic District. The area is rich with history. It was the first neighborhood in Phoenix to receive the historic district designation. Also nearby is Roosevelt Row where you will find a downtown vibe filled with galleries, popular restaurants, urban walkable neighborhoods and many local businesses.  Phoenix has a lot to offer with year-round sun and warm weather.

Graduate Medical Education Office

The Graduate Medical Education Office serves as the umbrella to our graduate medical education programs and ensures they meet or exceed the institutional and program requirements set by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME), the American Society of Hospital Pharmacy (ASHP), and the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

Our administrators, hospital boards and faculty are committed to supporting quality graduate medical education programs and excellence in residency training and research.