Need to request public records? Read through our guidelines below.


You’ll need to pay a small fee for any public record you’re looking to receive. If the estimated cost of your request is expected to be more than $10, you’ll need to pay the entire cost before we release the records to you.

Here is a breakdown of some costs you can expect:

Standard copying charges

  • Letter size or Legal size – single-sided $0.30 per sheet
  • Letter size or Legal size – double-sided $0.45 per sheet
  • Letter size or Legal size – color single-sided $0.75 per sheet
  • Letter size or Legal size – color double-sided $1.13 per sheet

Audio/visual or data disc charges

  • Audio Compact Disc (80 minutes of audio per disc) $10.00 per disc
  • Data Compact Disc (700MB of data per disc) $10.00 per disc

Note: If one of your documents or discs requires editing of some information, you’ll need to request a minimum of two copies.


Payment options

Your payment options depend on how much your total cost ends up being.

  • If your fees are less than $25.00, you may pay in cash or by personal check. If paying in cash, please have the exact amount, as we cannot provide change.
  • If your fees are more than $25.00, you must pay by certified check or money order payable to Valleywise Health.


Delivery options

  • Email – only documents electronically available can be emailed – No charge
  • Fax – up to 20 pages – $0.50 per page
  • U.S. Postal Service – Based on weight
  • In-person/Pick-up – No charge


Commercial Requests

All commercial requests must be reviewed and authorized by Valleywise Health’s General Counsel. According to Arizona law, we will assess the following commercial request charges:

  • A portion of the cost to us for obtaining the original or copies of the documents, printouts or photographs, including the cost of searching
  • A reasonable fee for the cost of time, materials, equipment and personnel used in producing and copying the record, or
  • The value of the reproduction on the commercial market as best determined by our auditor and the appropriate department.


Media Requests

Requests submitted by the media are generally considered non-commercial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.