What is Care Reimagined?

When the voters of Maricopa County approved Proposition 480, we were provided with the funds we needed to expand and make dramatic improvements to our facilities, resources and treatment in order to offer even better care that consistently meets the unique needs of people all across our diverse Valley community.

But the name “Prop 480” doesn’t quite capture the optimistic, exciting reality of what’s going on. We wanted a name that was unique and descriptive of this project – and that’s how Care Reimagined came to be.

Care Reimagined accurately describes our goals for the future. The word “care” describes everything we’re about and everything we do. We care about you, our patients. We care about each other. We care about the quality of work we do every day. And we’re always striving to do it better for you.

Our vision is to be nationally recognized for transforming care. Our mission is to provide exceptional care without exception – every patient, every time. Care Reimagined captures everything we hope to accomplish – for the community and because of the community.