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Growing up, we don’t always get the best sexual health education. This is why, as adults, it’s important we go back and relearn how to be good to our bodies. Along with that, as we get older, we learn that pain in one part of our body is connected to all the other parts of our bodies. For example, ear pain or chronic ear infections are caused not only by bacteria in the ear, but they can also be caused by colds that affect the nasal passages.

This month, our District Medical Group physicians address how to find the right birth control that works with your body and how to treat chronic ear infections. Our first blog focuses on how finding the right birth control means figuring out how your body’s hormones and estrogen levels react to different birth control methods. The second blog is about how to recognize the symptoms of ear pain and recommends ways to treat the infection. Ear pain is a sensitive issue, and you should pay close attention to the symptoms. Visit your doctor sooner rather than later. Please read the rest of our Wellness Now articles to learn more about how Valleywise Health can help treat and meet all your common health concerns.

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Meet Kathleen Norman, MD

Kathleen Norman, MD, is a District Medical Group OB/GYN physician and a member of the faculty at Valleywise Health. She currently serves as Director of the Menopausal Medicine and Transgender Medicine clinics at Valleywise Health. Dr. Norman has been board certified in Ob/GYN since 1997. She is an assistant clinical professor of OB/GYN with University …

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