At Valleywise Health, we maintain a firm commitment in conducting groundbreaking research to provide you with the best medicine and practices available. We have a special focus on addressing and understanding social determinants of health, including interpersonal violence, health literacy and translational research.

Here are some maternity-based research studies that Valleywise has participated in and/or is currently participating in:

  • A large multicenter study of blood markers predicting preterm births.
  • Cord blood collection program to provide lifesaving stem cells for bone marrow transplant.
  • The Decision of Timing and Mode of Delivery for Women with Hypertension Disorders of Pregnancy (HDP).
  • Rate of Fetal Macrosomia and Large-for-Gestational-Age Infants Among Gestational Diabetics: What is Causing the Problem?
  • Accuracy of Sonographic Fetal Weight Estimation at 37 Weeks or Greater of Gestational Age: What are the Confounders?