Welcoming a new baby into the world is an incredibly special experience. Our team is lucky to be able to share and help with so many of these special moments.

Childbirth is a happy, transformative event in the life of any family. Our team of highly qualified doctors, midwives, and nurses are here to support women through this life changing event. To give you the best possible care, we provide the highest level of specialty services available to handle any complication, putting you and your baby in the safest position possible.

Of course, the labor and delivery process looks different for every mom-to-be, and we have a variety of resources, care plans and team members prepared to meet your unique needs. Our services are available to all maternity patients who are more than 16 weeks pregnant, including high-risk patients. We have an in-house Lactation consultant and promote skin-to-skin contact in the hospital room after a cesarean section, which promotes breastfeeding between you and your new baby.

We welcome family support during the process with guidelines that are shared during prenatal care and on our unit.


Obstetrical Emergency Room (OB ER):

The OB ER cares for women who are through their second trimester as well as women who have already delivered, or need to be seen within 14 days of delivery. This team specializes in treating pregnancy-related complications and identifying labor and other emergencies.

Lactation services:

Breast-feeding is extremely beneficial for both mothers and babies, and can have a huge impact on a newborn’s long-term growth and health. However, we realize that successful breast-feeding takes time, patience and practice for both mother and baby.

We want to help you and your baby through this learning process so you can both experience the bonding and health benefits that come from breast-feeding. We have an entire team of professionals ready to offer you the support and coaching you may need to successfully begin breast-feeding. Over time, your baby will learn to latch on properly, and you will learn to understand the cues and cries of a hungry baby.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you decide to breast-feed. Whether you’ve already chosen to do so or haven’t made up your mind yet, we encourage all moms-to-be and new moms to take our prenatal education class. In this class, you’ll learn the benefits of breast-feeding as well as tips and tricks for breast-feeding with confidence, along with many other pregnancy, labor and postpartum care tips. To reserve your spot in our next class, call (602) 344-5332.

Couplet care:

The bond between a mother and her baby is incredibly special and very important to the baby’s health, development and well-being. We want to make sure this natural bond is as strong as possible and starts the moment your baby is born, which is why we developed our Couplet Care Program.

Studies show that infants who stay with their mother usually cry less, have lower blood pressure and have more stable temperature, pulse and respiration. In this program, you will stay with your newborn and be cared for by a single nurse. This will help you learn your baby’s habits and needs in a secure environment with constant support and guidance.

We also encourage fathers to be present with the baby while in the hospital, and our special Couplet Care rooms have extra sleeping accommodations for fathers.

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