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Pain Management

At Valleywise Health, we understand your pain and how it impacts your daily life. We work with you to address its severity and understand the implications so we can provide a treatment that is specific to you.

Pain Management Care Tailored to You

Pain Management Care Tailored to You

Our Minimally Invasive Approach to Treating Pain

We provide access to innovative, interventional pain management treatments that are effective, safe, minimally invasive and evidence-based. The science of treating pain has evolved beyond an over reliance on medication and surgery and we’re proud to offer some of those most advanced treatments in pain care available today.

At Valleywise Health Community Health Center – Peoria, we make sure that patients who are experiencing pain can get the right treatment with the highest standards of safety and patient care and minimal side effects. Our staff takes time to properly understand your symptoms and you will never be rushed through an appointment.

About Pain Management

When you cut your finger or stub your toe, you experience pain directly in response to that injury. But not all pain is as easy to explain and diagnose its cause. Pain can happen because of injury, illness, aging and even stress, grief or
depression. And there are often multiple factors working together to create the pain you experience in your body.

The science of pain is ever evolving, with better ways to diagnose its cause and more holistic ways to treat it. But it’s important to know that even when our medical tools can’t determine the exact cause of your pain, we are, in most instances, still able to treat it and improve your daily life.

By taking the time to understand your experience, we are able to provide treatment plans and options that take your goals and needs into account. Pain is your brain and body’s way of saying that something is wrong, and our job is to listen to that so that we can address the cause.

What We Treat and How We Treat it

We understand the complexity of pain, whether from injury, illness, or emotional distress. We prioritize therapeutic and minimally invasive interventions before relying on pain medication or surgeries. By adopting an evidence-based approach, we offer cutting-edge treatment options. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your unique pain experience, ensuring personalized care tailored to bring effective relief with minimal side effects.

Specialists at Valleywise Health offer effective treatment options for pain management, including:

Post-laminectomy syndrome

Post-laminectomy syndrome is when you still feel pain in your back or legs even after having a surgery to fix a slipped disc in your lower back.

Myofascial pain syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome is a long-lasting pain condition where pressing on certain muscle points causes pain, sometimes even in different body parts.

Complex regional pain syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome is a long-lasting pain condition usually affecting an arm or leg after it gets hurt or has surgery, causing more pain than expected.

Back or neck pain

Back or neck pain is pain that can be a small bother to severe, limiting your movement and affecting your life. Can start suddenly or last for a long time.

Lumbar spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis is a condition that happens as you age where the discs between the bones in your lower back wear down. Not always painful.

Peripheral nervous system

Your Peripheral nervous system is made up of 43 pairs of nerves. It connects your brain and spinal cord to your whole body, controlling feelings, movements, and coordination.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It happens when the cushioning at the ends of your bones wears down, often affecting joints.

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition caused by damage to nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. Can lead to weakness, numbness, pain, and affect normal bodily functions.

Piriformis syndrome

Piriformis syndrome happens when a muscle in your buttock squeezes a nerve, causing pain or numbness. Usually gets better with rest and simple treatments.


Radiculopathy happens when nerves branching off from your spinal cord get hurt. This causes symptoms like pain, numbness, or weakness in the affected area.

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Our Pain Management Team

Doctor Sarang

Sarang S. Koushik, MD

Chronic Pain Medicine
Sarang S. Koushik, MD

Neelesh Anand, MD

Chronic Pain Medicine

Pain Management Clinic Locations

Pain Clinic – Peoria

Located in Valleywise Comprehensive Health Center – Peoria

Common Concerns (FAQs)

Do you prescribe medication for pain relief?
Pain medication can be included in a course of treatment, but it is not our primary approach to treating pain. Pain medication can be effective in the short term, but it is less effective in the long term, both for ongoing pain management and because of the increased health risks of long-term use, especially the risk of addiction. At Valleywise Health Community Health Center – Peoria, we take a holistic approach to pain management and prioritize interventions like injections, pain-blockers and minimally invasive procedures.
The answer depends on many factors. Your activity level, the cause of your pain, and even your emotional state can all contribute to why your pain might feel more intense one day and less the next. One thing that can be helpful is to keep a pain journal where you keep track of how intense your pain is on a daily basis as well as what you did that day and how you felt emotionally. This can be helpful to bring to your pain management appointment so that your care team can better understand how your experience varies and identify contributing factors.
The answer to this is tricky because all pain is always in our heads even when there is a clear physical cause, like cutting your finger, because pain is something our brains produce. The more important answer is that we treat all experiences of pain as valid and real, regardless of where or how they originate. Physicians can’t always determine the cause of pain, but that doesn’t mean it’s imaginary. It just means we are limited by the available tools to diagnose the cause. The good news is, pain is often treatable even without knowing its cause.

Most likely. We accept most major commercial insurances, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. You can find out if your insurance qualifies here.

Yes, we do! To receive quality pain management services from the comfort and convenience of home, book a telehealth appointment here.

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