Kids all across the Valley deserve to live happy, stress-free lives every single day - even when they need to stay in the hospital for a bit. Child Life Specialists at Valleywise Health ensure that children get the best care and are able to transition out of hospital care smoothly.

Children shouldn’t be afraid to receive the medical care they need. At Valleywise Health’s Arizona Children’s Center, we work hard to make sure every child feels comfortable, relaxed and content while they’re in our care. It’s very important for kids in our care to keep doing things they normally do in their daily routines, so we make sure to include plenty of play time. Play is important to a child’s hospital experience and healing process, because it gives them confidence and helps them understand what’s going on around them. 

 Valleywise Health’s team of Child Life Specialists and assistants work together to ensure your child’s mental health is supported during their stay and beyond. 

 You can rest assured that your child will have access to the support of a Child Life Specialist – and that support isn’t limited to your child’s time in the hospital. We want to help our patients through their entire healing process, including their re-entry into school and other activities. Our child life specialists provide emotional support to help your child transition into their regular schedule after a new diagnosis or significant injury. 


Child Life services provide the following:

  • Play
  • Pre-procedural teaching
  • Medical play
  • Procedural support
  • Education
  • Emotional and bereavement support
  • School re-entry
  • Children’s therapies
  • Special events
Young girl excitedly talks to her counselors

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