People like you are shaping the future of sports medicine, and we want to help you learn, practice and grow into the best physician you can be.

Faculty: Andree Jones, D.O.
Length: 2 weeks
Offered: Year-round
Maximum: 1 student per rotation

Medical Student Electives

Thank you for your interest in the clinical experiences clerkships available for medical students in the Department of Orthopedics at Valleywise Health Medical Center. The rotation duration is a 2 week rotation per academic year.


The fourth-year medical student rotation is designed to provide an in-depth exposure to primary care sports medicine at Valleywise Health Medical Center.

The curriculum will emphasize non-articular rheumatic disorders, infectious, suppurative and degenerative arthritic conditions, acquired and congenital abnormalities of bones and joints, musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, evaluation and management of common sprains, fractures and dislocations, preventive care, rehabilitation and restorative function. Clinical experiences will include acute evaluation

of musculoskeletal trauma and acute pain syndromes. There will be emphasis on care of athletes of all ages, genders, and activity levels. The care of the athlete includes performance of pre-participation sports physicals, assessment of common injuries, knowledge of treatment and rehabilitation. The curriculum will include performance of procedures common in the evaluation and care of orthopedic and sports medicine patients and participation in the rehabilitation required for these patients. These include interpretation of radiographs, aspiration and injection of joints, splinting and casting.


Students will rotate through the Valleywise Health Medical Center-CHC Sports Medicine Clinic. In clinic, students will be expected to see patients, present to the attending, formulate a differential diagnosis, recommend tests to narrow the diagnosis list, and discuss the case.

Evaluation Methods

Students are evaluated on their school’s/program’s required objectives and performance. Clinical case logs must be maintained in accordance with the school/program and reviewed prior to departing at the end of an assigned rotation. If your school/program does not provide an evaluation tool, we will use our own.