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Valleywise Health Receives Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Award

550 Car Seats and 510 Bicycle Helmets Will Be Distributed through the Valleywise Health’s Occupant, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Grant Programs

Phoenix, AZ–Valleywise Health has received two grant awards from the Arizona’s Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS). GOHS presented Valleywise Health with $16,000 in grant funding to expand its child passenger safety efforts and the pedestrian and bicycle education and safety equipment efforts.

The funds will be used to purchase child safety seats and bicycle helmets for free distribution to families in need at Valleywise Health facilities and throughout Maricopa County. The Child Passenger Safety Education Program and the Bicycle Helmet Program, both offered through the Pediatric and Trauma Services, provides child passenger safety and bicycle safety education, equipment, and resources to the community to reduce child injuries and fatalities due to motor vehicle or bicycle accidents.

Arizona Law requires that children age 8 and younger and 4’9” or shorter be properly restrained in vehicles. Improper use or not using a child safety seat is a key factor in injuries and death in children. When a child safety seat is used, nearly 90% of children suffer no injury when involved in a motor vehicle crash.

It is well documented that bicycle helmets offer bicyclist the best protection from head injuries resulting from bicycle crashes. The proper fitting and use of helmets are key component in minimizing injuries of children, our most vulnerable citizens. When worn, bicycle helmets cut the risk of severe brain damage by up to 88%.

Valleywise Health is proud to partner with GOHS to provide education, resources, and equipment necessary to protect our children. Thanks to the support of the GOHS over the last 8 years, Valleywise Health has provided education and distribution of over 4,000 child safety seats and nearly 4,100 bicycle helmets to families in our community.

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