No matter where you come from, what language you speak or how you found us, absolutely nothing should stand in the way of you receiving excellent health care.

Valleywise Health fully supports refugee communities and their resettlement, and we are committed to offering them the care they deserve, the way they deserve it.

The American healthcare system can often feel overwhelming and confusing, especially for those in refugee communities. But we never want this to stop refugee women from receiving the care they need.

One of the ways our Refugee Women’s Health Clinic remedies this is by employing members of the refugee community as Cultural Health Navigators to serve as liaisons between the healthcare system and patients. These multilingual, multicultural individuals are incredibly valuable to our community, offering interpretation services to patients throughout our hospitals.

In addition to health services, the clinic’s monthly educational classes help soon-to-be moms better plan for childbirth and the care of their newborn. The clinic also provides specialty educational programs, such as:

  • Physical activity and nutrition classes
  • Breast cancer and mammography awareness-raising activities
  • Sexual health education focus groups
  • Reproductive life plan
  • Integrated service delivery model to promote patient’s access to care-outreach and Health Education activities
  • Enhanced quality OB care activities- Implementation of targeted metrics to demonstrate decreased health care costs through cultural health navigators (CHNs).


We offer the full spectrum of gynecological services to our patients, as well as full maternity, ante- and postpartum care.

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Research and Clinical Trials

Valleywise Health’s Women’s Refugee Clinic has trusted partnerships that help the clinic serve the community.

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