90-22-031-IFB Dental Supplies & Equipment - Requirements Contract

Maricopa County Special Health Care District dba Valleywise Health hereby solicits bids from qualified Bidders to provide Dental Supplies & Equipment. The objective of this IFB is to contract with Dental Supply manufacturer(s) and/or distributers, and to support Valleywise Health daily dental operation, which will allow the Dental Clinics to continue to provide dental services to the public in a cost effective manner.

This notice does not commit Valleywise Health to award a contract or to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of bids.  Valleywise Health reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, all bids submitted and/or to cancel this announcement without penalty to Valleywise Health.

Date of issue:   August 18, 2021

Pre-offer conference:  No pre-offer conference will be held

Deadline for inquiries:  August 23, 2021 no later than 11:00A.M. Phoenix, AZ. time

Date & Time Bids are due:  August 31, 2021 No Later than 11:00 A.M. Phoenix, AZ. time

90-22-015-ROQ Lobbying Services - Review of Qualifications

Maricopa County Special Health Care District dba Valleywise Health hereby solicits responses from qualified Respondents to provide LOBBYING SERVICES.
The Maricopa County Special Health Care District (“District”) has determined it to be in its best interest to retain qualified individuals or firms to assist the District with achieving specific legislative, strategic, and operational objectives as defined by the District Board of Directors, to represent the District with regard to matters that may impact the District and to advocate for the District in various venues. The District proposes to enter into agreements with one or more competent individuals and/or firms (each a “Lobbyist, Attorney, or other qualified Professional”) who will serve as an authorized public Arizona Health Policy Advisor(s) to provide one or more of the following; legislative advocacy, strategic planning, oversee professional and volunteer lobbying efforts, assist with organizational priorities, assist with negotiations and involvement with potential medical school partnerships and other joint venture opportunities, and other duties determined by Valleywise Health. The other duties may include assisting with capital development, advice, and assistance with significant contracts. The Advisor(s) will also provide services in furtherance of the District Board’s direction at an amount and according to the terms fixed by the agreement.
The qualified individual/firm must possess one or more of the following: in-depth knowledge of the state legislative process; strong relationships with current and prospective state elected officials, leadership and their staff; a history of extensive and demonstrably effective legislative experience; and proven creative and aggressive lobbying skills, with the objective being the development and implementation of successful District/Valleywise Health legislative strategies on Board- determined priority issues. Experience working with state agencies, special districts, county and local government entities. Experience working with, and taking direction from elected boards.

Deadline for Inquiries: September 2, 2021 NLT 5:00 P.M. PHOENIX, AZ TIME
Date & Time Responses are due: September 20, 2021 NLT 5:00 PM PHOENIX, AZ TIME