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How to Stay Safe as COVID-19 Restrictions are Lifted

As Arizona begins lifting COVID-19 restrictions, here are some tips for staying safe and making healthy choices.

stay safe while COVID-19 restrictions lifted

In This Article:

  • As restrictions lift, wear your mask over your nose and mouth any time you are in public. Do not touch your mask while you are wearing it. The more people wear masks, the more familiar and comfortable it will become.
  • When running necessary errands, try to perform them quickly and with as few people as possible. Once you get home, wash your produce thoroughly and dispose of the packaging.
  • Monitor your health, listen to your body and take extra care of yourself and your family. If you feel sick, stay home to avoid spreading the virus.

Have more questions about COVID-19 safety?

As restrictions lift in Arizona, we still need to do our part to socially distance, wear a mask, wash our hands and stay up-to-date on vaccine information.

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