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Ingrown Toenails, Calluses and Other Sources of Foot Pain: Treatment Options

If left untreated, an ingrown toenail can become infected. Along with ingrown toenails, you can also experience foot pain from sources such as calluses, corns, bunions and arthritis.

removing an ingrown toenail

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  • Ingrown toenails usually pop up on the big toe of your foot, but they can happen to any of your toes. An ingrown toenail occurs when your toenail curves and grows into the toe. Stretching before and after exercising should be an essential part of your routine, along with using pads or braces if you have a history of injuries or sprains.  If your pain is not severe, but it’s disrupting your ability to function regularly, try some at-home treatment options. 

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If you experience foot soreness, heel pain, or an ingrown toenail, Valleywise Health is here to help with any health issue you may have.  

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