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How to Find the Right Method of Birth Control for You

Women’s health services are now available at a low cost or free at many clinics, so it is easy to access various birth control methods. In addition, pharmacies, drugstores, and some grocery stores sell ECPs (morning-after pill), condoms and birth control sponges.

How to find the right birth control

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  • Protect yourself from STIs by using a form of protection such as a condom. Birth Control on its own is not meant to prevent STIs. You will need a prescription from a doctor for certain types of contraceptives, such as birth control pills, patches, shots, rings and more. Birth control has many other health benefits apart from preventing pregnancy.  

Women's Health and Birth Control

If you are looking for the right method of birth control for you, or want to find out more about the types of contraceptives, Valleywise Health is here to assist with any health question you may have. 

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