Not Done Yet: How to Stay Safe While COVID-19 Peaks

We’re reaching the peak of COVID-19 cases in Arizona, and it’s more important than ever to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

COVID-19 peak

In This Article:

  • When this blog was published in April 2020, Arizona was headed toward what many predicted would be the peak of coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths. Although the peak did not occur until January 2021, the same safety guidelines apply.
  • Stay home when you can, wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid sick people, sanitize surfaces frequently and keep your distance from others.
  • Don’t gather in large groups or touch your face with unclean hands. Also, do not believe everything you see on the news and social media, or spend too much time in front of the screen.

Quick Tip Now

With COVID-19 vaccines now more widely available, we’re likely nearing the end of this pandemic. Click below for all the latest, most up-to-date information about the vaccine.

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