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Staying Committed to Our Purpose Since 1877

At Valleywise Health, our commitment to provide exceptional care without exception to our entire community, has always been at the core of everything we do. Because regardless of what name has been hung on the building or where you find us in the community, we see you as more than a number; we see each and every one of you as a human being, worthy of great compassion and exceptional care.

Taking on What’s Hard
Since 1877

We pushed for a lot of firsts because You’re More to Us. Not only have we been providing care to you since before Arizona was a state, we established ourselves as the first Level I trauma center, the first burn center and the first medical residency program in the state. Today nearly every doctor practicing in Arizona who trained here, did so within our walls, and nearly every severe burn patient within the Southwest comes under our care.

Going Where the Community Needs us Since 1877

At Valleywise Health, You’re More to Us. Each patient is at the heart of what we do every day. With 11 primary care locations and two multi-specialty care centers, we ensure comprehensive care is always within your reach. It’s about making full-spectrum care accessible by offering more than just treatment — it’s also about understanding, supporting and nurturing your unique needs. We’re known for our world renowned Arizona Burn Center and Level I Trauma care, but there’s another side — our behavioral health centers stand as pillars of hope and healing for those facing the most severe mental health challenges. At Valleywise Health, you’re more than just a patient — you’re a valued member of our community, and we’re dedicated to caring for you and your family.

Opening Doors
Since 1877

We embrace unique health care challenges because You’re More to Us. Since our first days as a convalescent home, we were the only facility to welcome tuberculosis and smallpox patients. And, in the 1990s, we became the first clinic to accept and treat HIV/AidsAIDS/HIV patients. Today we operate the largest HIV/Aids primary care clinic in the state, creating a safe and supportive health care environment dedicated solely to the needs of these valued patients.

Leading by Example
Since 1877

Our team members — providers, nurses and staff — choose to serve you, oftentimes, for decades on end because You’re More to Us. We know that when we serve you (in more than 70 languages), we’re serving your entire community, whether you’ve found your way to us by choice or circumstance. How we serve you is a reflection of how you deserve to treat and be treated by others.

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These HIV test kits are for those living within Maricopa County. If you live outside of Maricopa County, please visit www.hivaz.org for testing information.

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