With proper treatment, you can live a long and fulfilling life with HIV/AIDS.

At Valleywise Health, you’ll never have to wonder how or where you’re going to get the care you need. We have everything you need to manage your HIV/AIDS at any stage. When you visit the Valleywise Community Health Center – McDowell, you can feel confident that you’ll receive complete care, regardless of your ability to pay.

We are grateful for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, which has supported us with the funding we need to be able to serve as the largest provider of HIV/AIDS-related medical care for adults across Maricopa County.

We offer a wide range of treatments including:

Outpatient treatment

Support services and care coordination

Early, quick intervention and prevention services

    • If you’ve just been newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, it’s extremely important to begin treatment as soon as possible. We’re here to make sure you always have everything you need. Taking your HIV medications as prescribed can result in an undetectable level of HIV in your blood. If you’re undetectable, you cannot transmit HIV to others – this is called “prevention through treatment.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

    • Once daily medication that can be used in combination with other prevention methods (such as condoms) to substantially reduce the risk of HIV infection.
    • Free HIV testing kits are available through Valleywise Health. Learn More.

FAQs about HIV/AIDS Services

People get HIV by coming in contact with the body fluids of someone who carries the disease. The most common ways that someone can get HIV are by having anal, vaginal or oral sex with a person who has HIV without using a condom; sharing drug needles or other drug equipment with someone who has HIV; and using the same needle as someone with HIV when you get a tattoo. Men who have sex with men have been the most impacted by the HIV epidemic for many reasons. Today they make up more than 2/3 of all new diagnoses.

The best way to avoid getting HIV is to abstain from sex or practice safe sex. Always use a condom to avoid other sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Avoid using alcohol or drugs before intimacy for clear decision making and consent. Additionally, use of pre-exposure prophylaxis, called PrEP, consistently every day reduces the risk of HIV infection by 99% when taken as prescribed. To obtain PrEP or ask questions, please call 602-344-8723. Other intimate activities like hugging, kissing, and rubbing do not spread HIV as long as there is not bodily fluids connecting with breaks in skin or other openings.

Many people who have HIV don’t show any symptoms for many years. The only way to know if you’re infected is to get tested, so don’t wait for symptoms to appear. The sooner you find out you’re infected, the wider your selection of treatments for HIV will be.

Routine HIV testing is available at all Valleywise Health clinic across the valley. For those that do not want to visit a clinic, an at-home test can be ordered by visiting: vhtest2023.wpengine.com.

Most often, a technician or doctor will draw blood from your vein and check it to see if there are antibodies for HIV. HIV tests can typically be done using a simple finger stick to get a small amount of blood for a rapid test, often in just a couple of minutes. Sometimes the medical provider will utilize a lab visit for a blood draw along with other tests being administered. If a test comes back reactive, the medical provider will schedule additional tests to confirm.

You can also test other body fluids, like oral fluid or urine, but these aren’t as sensitive or accurate as traditional blood tests. Some rapid screening tests can give results in less than an hour. More thorough antibody tests can give a positive result as soon as three weeks after HIV exposure.

Drugstore home testing kits are actually home collection kits. You prick your finger with a special device, place drops of blood on a specially treated card, then mail the card in for testing at a licensed lab. If any of these screening tests say you’re positive, follow up with a doctor and more testing for confirmation.

Prompt, early medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle can help you stay well if you are diagnosed with HIV. There is a much wider array of treatments for HIV available today compared to when the epidemic began, and people with the condition are now living longer than ever before. People with HIV on consistent treatment live comparable lifespans to those without HIV. If you are diagnosed with HIV, however, you’ll need to keep up with your doctor’s appointments and take your HIV medicine exactly as directed. Medication taken consistently can reduce the amount of virus in the blood to an undetectable level. Once someone is undetectable the virus is no longer transmittable to others in most cases although using PrEP and condoms is always recommended.

Remember, Valleywise Health is the largest provider of treatments for HIV and AIDS in Phoenix. The Ryan White AIDS program makes it possible for you to receive free testing and quality treatment regardless of your income or insurance status.

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Valleywise Community Health Center – McDowell

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Valleywise Comprehensive Health Center – Peoria

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