How to Handle Bullying at Work

No matter your age, bullying can be hurtful and dangerous to your mental health. If you’re among the estimated 60 million Americans affected by bullying in the workplace, here are ways to help manage the situation and its effect on your overall well-being.


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  • Workplace bullying affects more people than you think. 19% of the workforce is bullied, and another 19% witness the behavior. 61% of bullies are authoritative figures. 70% of perpetrators are men; 60% of targets are women. Hispanics are more likely to be bullied than other races.
  • Data suggests that workplace bullying can have major emotional and physical effects, leaving a person to question their abilities, causing unbearable stress, and even resulting in depression.
  • To combat workplace bullying, be assertive, set boundaries, speak up and tell someone higher up and make sure you know your rights.

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Getting bullied at work at any age can lead to stress and poor mental health. These tips from experts will help you relieve your workplace anxiety and irritability.

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