How to Treat a Burn

Burn injuries happen in many ways, often when you least expect it. From flames to boiling water, chemical spills to a lightning strike, we’ve seen it all at the Arizona Burn Center - Valleywise Health.

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  • Burn injuries come in many forms. From flames and boiling water to chemical spills and lightning strikes, we’ve seen and treated it all in our nationally verified Arizona Burn Center.
  • To treat the burn, stop it first. Then, remove burned clothes and accessories, use cool water, cover the burn, stay warm to avoid hypothermia from any skin loss and seek medical attention.
  • Do not use ice, ointments or home remedies. Do not pop blisters or wait to visit the ER, especially if the burn is larger than your palm.

Arizona Burn Center

As Arizona’s only nationally verified burn center, thousands of patients across the Southwest each year trust us to provide the specialized care they need to begin their recovery.