When you need surgery, you want to feel confident that your health is in the hands of skilled people who will help you recover as quickly as possible. That's what you'll get at the Valleywise Health surgical center.

Whether you need a minor procedure or a more complex surgery, you’re in good hands at Valleywise Health.

The doctors and staff in our surgical center have the experience and expertise to successfully perform many types of surgeries, from burns, trauma, orthopedics and neurosurgery, to various routine elective procedures including general surgery, ears, nose and throat, and reconstructive plastic surgeries.

After your surgical procedure, you’ll be scheduled for follow-up care to help you recover and get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Valleywise Health Surgery Services

FAQs about Surgery Services

This will be decided between you and your surgeon. Depending on your condition, they will likely try every other treatment option first before resorting to surgery. Regardless of the outcome, our goal is always to minimize your pain and recovery time.

Your surgeon will give you more detailed instructions, but here are some tips to help ensure a successful procedure:

  • Leave your valuables at home.
  • Try not to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke in the days leading up to your surgery.
  • Eat a light diner the evening before your surgery, and don’t eat or drink anything (including water and chewing gum) after midnight.
  • Shower both the evening before and the day of your surgery. Do not shave near your future incision site or use lotion, cream, powder or perfume after washing.
  • Wear clean, loose comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes.

You can find more detailed information about preparing for your surgery here.

  1. Arrive at the surgical center at least an hour before your procedure.
  2. Complete the essential paperwork.
  3. Meet with your nurse, who will prepare you for surgery.
  4. Go to the surgery holding area, where a family member or significant other will be allowed to be with you. During surgery, your family and significant other can wait in the Surgery Waiting Room.
  5. After surgery, read your post-op instructions regarding your diet, medications and activities.
  6. Make arrangements ahead of time to have a responsible adult drive you home. Someone should stay with you for at least 24 hours following surgery.
  7. Do not drive or operate equipment, make significant decisions, drink alcoholic beverages or take any non-approved medication for at least 24 hours after anesthesia.

DMG (District Medical Group) general surgeons at Valleywise Health have a combination of practical experience and fellowship training in traditional and minimally invasive surgery. When appropriate, they will use laparoscopic and/or robotic techniques to create smaller incisions, which will lead to less pain and faster recovery for the patient.

We want to make your experience at our surgical center as affordable as possible. We offer a couple of options to best suit your needs, including AHCCCS and a Financial Assistance Program. Learn more here.

We accept most major commercial insurances, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, at our surgical center. You can find out if your insurance qualifies here.

Yes! To receive quality care from the comfort and convenience of home, book a telehealth appointment here. Keep in mind that not all visits can be conducted via telehealth, and your physician may request for a face-to-face visit depending on the circumstances.

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