How the Water Shortage in Arizona Directly Impacts Your Health

As the water shortage in Arizona worsens, learn what to expect if the event of a megadrought and discover simple ways to reduce your water usage.

Water crisis, woman washing her hands

In This Article:

  • Arizona is now entering its 26th year of a long-term drought, with 99% of the state experiencing some sort of water shortage and 87% in extreme drought.
  • If the water shortage in Arizona continues, we may see many negative health implications, including food shortages, infectious diseases and more.
  • You can save water and help reduce the burden on our state by doing simple things around the house, like checking for leaks and taking shorter showers.

Comprehensive Health Services

If you experience the negative effects of water scarcity due to our water shortage in Arizona, Valleywise Health is here to help with any health issue you may have.

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