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How to Stop Severe Bleeding: Emergency First Aid Tips

Learn essential first aid tips and how to stop severe bleeding in the case of a medical emergency.

stop the bleed

In This Article:

  • To stop bleeding, first try applying direct pressure. Once the bleeding stops, tie a cloth, gauze or towel tightly around the wound without cutting off circulation.
  • If the bleeding is severe and won’t stop with direct pressure, assemble a tourniquet — a tight band used to stop blood flow — to keep the patient from developing shock.
  • Keep the following tools in your emergency first aid kit: bandages, gauze, 1 emergency blanket, 2 pairs of nonlatex gloves, gauze roller bandage, 2 triangular bandages, tweezers and aspirin.

Quick Tip Now

If someone is severely bleeding, don’t wait to take action. Immediately call 911 or drive the person to the ER. The team at Valleywise Health is ready to provide emergency services 24/7.

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